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The project was founded in 2017 and represented by Roberto Gonzalez (Monterrey, 1990) a multi-disciplinary designer that specializes in brand identity, packaging, and typography. His studies of design started in the UANL of Monterrey in industrial design, graduated in 2013 in the field and have worked in the design industry ever since, in love with nature, dogs, and graphics. Let´s talk about your project. 

What I do.

- Visual identity
- Packaging design
- Digital communication
- Design consultancy

Recent Clients.

- GNC (Mexico)
- Manface (United Kingdom)
- Bebelandia (Mexico)
- Products of Change (Australia)
- AdobeInteriors (United States)
- Serial Digital (Mexico)
- GardenHood (United States)
Datasis (Denmark)
- MA
Hearbal (United States)
- Garage (Mexico)
Macayi (United States)
- DermaWise (Canada)
- Capita Placem (United Kingdom)
- BlueOrange (Arab Emirates)
- Dermatology Spanish (Dom.Rep.)


- Packaging of the world  
- Coffee shop’s graphics and space design (Book)
- Cultura diseñomx.

- Thedsignblog
- Packaging of the world
- Hypco sneakers shoes

- Letters as symbols (Book)
- World packaging design society

Lectures / Courses.


Murall / Art Center - How to develop a brand I/II.
- UANL / FARQ - Advisor teacher - Design for the future. 

Some of my latest projects and photographs can be found on my Instagram account @robertonogzz.

Working with professional and talent people is our passion;
let's build something great together.

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