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Patrono is a design studio and creative consultancy based in Monterrey, Mexico. The studio creates visual identities, digital communication, products, and services. The project was founded in 2017 and represented by Roberto Gonzalez, a designer in love with nature, dogs, and graphics, he worked as a freelance designer since 2014 for design studios in the field of visual identity, digital communications, interiors, and typography. 

What I do.

- Visual identity
- Packaging design
- Web / UX
- Digital communication
- Design consultancy

Recent Clients.

- Arch (Japan)
- GNC (Mexico)
- Manface (United Kingdom)
- Bebelandia (Mexico)
- Products of Change (Australia)
- AdobeInteriors (United States)
- Serial Digital (Mexico)
- GardenHood (United States)
Datasis (Denmark)
- MA
Hearbal (United States)
- Garage (Mexico)
Macayi (United States)
- DermaWise (Canada)
- Capita Placem (United Kingdom)
- BlueOrange (Arab Emirates)
- Dermatology Spanish (Dom.Rep.)


- Packaging of the world  
- Coffee shop’s graphics and space design (Book)
- Cultura diseñomx.

- Thedsignblog
- Packaging of the world
- Hypco sneakers shoes

- Letters as symbols (Book)
- World packaging design society

Lectures / Courses.


Murall / Art Center - How to develop a brand I/II.
- UANL / FARQ - Advisor teacher - Design for the future. 

Some of my latest projects and photographs can be found on my Instagram account @robertonogzz.

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